There are many happy, healthy, "normal" homosexuals.

May seem like a plain statement, but it is an important preface for this post. I now realize that not many Christians think this.

In posing a lighthearted statement to a few friends (and then to Facebook/ Twitter as a result) on whether there are extra-Biblical reasonings against homosexuality, I was amazed that all the responses attacked the three adjectives first listed in this post. Of course, homosexuals and "supporters of the god of love" chimed in quickly and were able to easily dismantle the weak arguments, but the stereotypical poison-tipped arrows continued to stream in -- yet all arrows were only aimed at the adjectives happy-healthy-normal.

Disciples, we have to abandon such biased and belittling extra-Biblical presentations against homosexuality if we are to be used as effective tools in reaching our generation (and I include myself in the humble rebuke, because I would have been prone to many of the arguments if I weren't the one posing the question).

     Not all homosexuals are "torn, depressed, discontent or sexually confused."
     Not all homosexuals are "HIV-infected, disease-ridden, promiscuous, or prone to STDs."
     Not all homosexuals are "abnormal, uncomfortable, unloved, or being rejected by society."

In fact, most are not. And even those that are unhappy and unhealthy are no worse off than a larger percentage of heterosexuals and even Christians who fit that criterion. I have many girls in my smallgroup and discipleship circle that struggle/struggled with homosexuality, and I can be a witness that many were happy, healthy, and normal. They were in satisfying long-term same-sex relationships. They never contracted any diseases. And they were part of a very large and accepted population in their city.

Needless to say, searching for happiness, health, or "normalcy" was not what lead them to Christ. Change, Christ, or any other type of Conversion was the last thing on their agenda or radar. They were "loved, liberated and living it up!"

And then came the cross.

Oh, that old rugged cross.

So despised by the world, yet it continues to attract the "happy, healthy, and normal” to itself. That old rugged cross that can humble even the best of men to wretched rags, like an arrogant beggar put before a mirror for the first time. That old rugged cross that reduces happiness to NOTHING in the face of holiness, and a Holy God.

As one of my smallgroup girls told me about a year ago - it is not happiness that keeps her from going back to the homosexual relationships, or worldliness for matter. The "happiness" door of opportunity will always be open. However, it’s not even an option after encountering Christ because God himself has given her a heart transplant and renewed taste buds that thirst after holiness alone; a tall order that happiness can never fill. A renewed appetite for intimacy and righteousness, only satisfied by Christ and the inheritance that he shares with those that pick up the cross (mercy, grace, sonship, and the best of all - His very Spirit).

Saints, let's continue to run with the blood-stained banner alone in the race to win souls for Christ. And let us throw off the weight of secular morality and our own subjective opinions. Intellect never transformed Saul to Paul, but intersecting the cross on the Damascus road did. A man can never lead himself or others to God, but we are all left dependent on His Spirit alone to save us and those around us. The cross alone is our only confidence, our only boast, our only hope .......and an incorruptible hope at that.

Sad or happy, homosexual or not, PRAYING with perseverance and power for specific family and friends will lead them to Christ faster than any assumptions or persuasion about their sexuality.

*Memo to self ;-)

Romans 3:10
Acts 26:9-18
Ephesians 1:18
Hebrews 3:6
1 Peter 3:15
John 6:44


MissDallas81 said... @ August 7, 2009 at 9:25 AM

I didn't know what to expect but you deliver like always! What a refreshing word for us to remember it is only the CROSS OF CHRIST (or what He did on the cross) that can change us. I will cling to the old rugged cross and exchange it someday for a crown! AMEN!

Mimi said... @ August 7, 2009 at 3:39 PM


good reminder that arguing over reason and intellect will not transform hearts...nothing but the blood

"A man can never lead himself or others to God, but we are all left dependent on His Spirit alone to save us and those around us. The cross alone is our only confidence, our only boast, our only hope .......and an incorruptible hope at that."

A little songbird said... @ August 7, 2009 at 4:15 PM

Man this was FIYAH!...haha...maybe because it's so personal to me. :sigh:...its true. Not everyone in the world who have no dependency on God is in shambles.

I walked from alot into the kingdom of God, and there was no intellect or persuasion. Just the cross.

and the hope that one day I would love God more than my sins...whatever I had I consider rubbish because of the cross and surpassing greatness of knowning my Lord.

Its hard denying one's self, but whethere you choose to say no or yes to your own hearts desire...jsut know...nothing last forever.

*ex-homosexual* signing out....

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