I decided to start blogging publicly today.

For the past year I have silently observed all the upcoming Gator blogs, and my heart has been mournful. Almost all of these blogs have been devoted to nothing but social pollution and perversion. From advice on chasing paper, empty relationships, and suicidal fashion prices to vlogs spewing out prideful lyrics of sexual escapades and whoring conquests, these blogs have no intention of glorifying anything, BUT SIN - and yet disciples of Jesus flock behind them like bees to honey.

But even if we remove the "God factor" and my "Biblical bias" (pardon me if that's not even possible) it is sad to see that a [blog] world left to itself will still choose perversion over purity -- even if both options are laid out before us on a plate (because they are). Despite everyone’s claim of wanting to "make the world a better place", we will get up from pleading prayers of change to go feed and flirt with the very vices that will only grow to swallow our kids whole.

Of course, this comes as no surprise.

I was living the same duplicitous lifestyle before embracing Christ wholeheartedly. And even now, I must continue to search my heart for hypocrisies deeply rooted from years of believing I could simultaneously pursue God and my own glory. Every religion has made clear the "doomful" state of mankind, and its affinity for immorality. And every religion has offered their solution of enlightenment, and self-help "tips" on striving toward good. But only Jesus has testified that no matter how enlightened we become, or how hard we try, we will repeat the very actions that hurt us because we are wrapped up in the very flesh that pursues pleasure at our expense.

But thankfully, Christ didn't leave it there :-)

Knowing our helpless state, he stepped on the scene Himself to destroy the works of the flesh and our bondage to a double-minded lifestyle. To those wanting Truth from the inside out, He says COME. You can take my Word, or the Bible's Word for it.... OR, you can hear it from the millions in this generation that have been liberated -- and in their freedom have chosen to make themselves a slave to this Truth for the sake of saving even.one.more.

Sin will always thrive in this broken world. Sex will always sell more than virtue. Sugar will always be celebrated more than salt. But God has set apart a remnant for Himself, to preserve and proclaim His Truth and Right-ness (aka righteousness). It is time for the redeemed of the Lord to SAY SO. And this is all this blog will be:

One redeemed voice. One saved soul. One salt of the earth.

For the few fish who prefer salt water,
Let's go!


MissDallas81 said... @ July 29, 2009 at 9:06 AM

Robyn! Man what a blessing you are! This was sooo refreshing to me...this whole "salt" thing is the best...Imma do more research on it...it peaks my interest!

A little songbird said... @ July 29, 2009 at 9:40 AM

THE LORD WILL MAKE A DISTINCTION BETWEEN EGYPT AND ISRAEL. =}....especially for his name's sake!

Anonymous said... @ July 29, 2009 at 9:57 AM

Research it!!! The qualities and uses of salt are very reflective of what we were intended to be in society.

Jesus knew what He was saying when He called us the "salt of the earth". (Matt 5:13 :-)

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