Featured EPK: Nicole Franklin
... she's still young in the industry, but keep an eye out for her. She can do some Kingdom damage if she stays the course...

I am already sold and hoping to see more of her, because [really good] dancers in the Kingdom are a rare find. She makes me want to resume my short-lived attempt at crumping. I really wanna learn!!!!!!! So maybe if I stick to it for like the next five years... huh.... who knows?!?? Watch for me now! Don't sleep on it ;-)

Anyways, enough about me. I am still trying to find a Myspace or Youtube channel for her, but here is some info off her website and don't forget to peep the video below:

"This energetic, self-described “B-girl” continues to explore her many talents as a songwriter, recording artist and performer, but the focus has changed: Faithful has redirected her gifts in praise of her Creator, using music as one of her vehicles. This holy light shines through on her new album, Taking It Back, which is being released on her own Living Water Records, distributed by Thank You Entertainment/Fontana/ Universal.

“Hip-hop is an artistic form of expression in itself, and I have been rapping since I was 10 years old, but in the midst of different styles of music I needed to find my own voice in Christian music,” she says. “Through that search, God birthed in me my new album, Taking It Back.”

Nicole’s testimony is a powerful one. To hear it is to hear the true reflecting power and nature of God’s redemption and deliverance." Find more of her bio here: http://nicolefaithfulfranklin.com/

Nicole "Faithful" Franklin EPK from nicole "faithful" franklin on Vimeo.


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